General Info


A $20.00 season registration fee is payable by all athletes.

Athletes not already registered with Little Athletics Tasmania ie; if you did not do the track and field season, must pay an additional $20.00 upon registration. New athletes can ‘Come and Try’ on their first day of competition if they are unsure if they want to register. There is a $3 ‘Come and Try’ fee.  

Some championship events attract an additional charge. 

Fully registered athletes are allocated points for each age group, each round, on the following basis:

1st  –  6 points
2nd  –  4 points
3rd  –  3 points
4th  –  2 points
5th  –  1 point

These points are then allocated to the Centre the athlete is affiliated with that goes towards ‘The Southern Cross Country Winter Centre Challenge Shield.’  Points are not allocated for Handicapped Race day.

We also have a Centre Handicapped Shield based on the same points system divided by the total number of a Centre’s participants.

Tiny Tots – 500m
Under 6 – 500m
Under 7 and 8 – 1000m
Under 9 and 10 – 1500m
Under 11 and 12 – 2000m
Under 13, 14 and 15 – 3000/4000m

The start time is approximate and is the time the first race is scheduled to start. The order in which the races start varies from round to round.

To be eligible to compete in our championships an athlete must have competed at least twice with the Southern Cross Country.

Our calendar is found in the Results section.

Cancellations and updates will be posted by 8am on the day of competition.

Contact: Paul Mommers 0407 246 330 or